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As the days get longer, and the temperatures rise, the number of pests that we encounter on a daily basis increases. For example, just think of all those British summer BBQ’s that you have been to that have been ruined by ant infestations and wasp attacks. But, such pests don’t need to ruin your summer.

By being aware of the most common pest culprits you can reduce the likelihood of attack! But, if you do notice an infestation, and can’t face removal yourself, then you can get them removed by professional companies such as The Pest Detective

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Wasps are one of the most feared insect pests in the UK because of their sting.

Like all living things wasps want to survive, and so usually become aggressive when their nests, which they typically build inside something such as a roof, or hedge, become dislodged.

As we all become keen gardeners in the summer we can unknowingly knock wasp nests, and this can result in attack.

Sometimes wasps can attack even when they are unprovoked, for example if they feel threatened by a large group of people, say at a BBQ.

Wasp stings do hurt, and can be particularly risky for children or pets as severe reactions can occur.

Never try and remove a wasp nest yourself as there could be thousands of wasps inside, and that many stings could be fatal. Instead, call in the professionals if you notice a wasp nest in, or near your home.


Hornets are generally twice the size of the Wasp and and vary in colour ranging from black to brown with yellow stripes. They aren’t generally aggressive like the Wasp although i have experienced being stung by one and they do hurt a lot more than a Bee or wasp sting (Trust me).

Like Wasps and Bees, Hornets can cause an anaphylactic shock to humans so be sure to contact us if you spot them nesting and let us take the worry of being stung away by removing them safely.

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